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I am a licensed massage therapist specializing in post-injury and post-surgery tissue recovery. My practice is dedicated to enhancing the healing process through manual lymphatic drainage and gentle scar tissue therapy. These techniques are particularly effective in reducing swelling, inflammation, the formation of scar tissue and adhesions. I cater to a wide range of conditions, including those related to oncology, plastic surgery procedures, orthopedics, abdominal and pelvic surgeries, C-sections, all breast surgeries, and dermatological issues. Whether dealing with recent injuries or mature scar tissue, my goal is to support optimal healing and recovery for all my clients.

As a certified manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and lymphedema therapist, I help clients reduce swelling, bruising, congestion and inflammation, and support lymphedema clients in the maintenance phase of treatment.

My private practice in Bend is committed to helping people with scar tissue complications, swelling and inflammation. 

 -Michelle Licha-Oros LMT, CMLDT, CLT
Scar Tissue Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage for pain, injury and surgery
Scar Tissue Therapy or Scar Massage Myofascial Release
Manual Lymphatic Drainage or Lymphatic Massage


Horse Accident
Upper Thigh & Ankle Swelling

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Gentle Myofascial Release

"The swelling in my ankle has gone down drastically! This is by far the best it's looked since the accident. Thank you!"

Mastectomy Scar & Radiation Firbosis
Scar Tissue Therapy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

"Michelle has a calm, compassionate, and specialized touch. When I found her, she guided me to breathe into my scars so I could heal from the inside out. The scars from my recent breast cancer surgeries and treatments left me tight and constricted and unable to move my shoulder without pain. While Michelle’s hands and fingers gently massaged my radiated skin back to elasticity I could sense her focused mind examining every fiber of facia, teaching it to grow, transform, heal, and flourish the many layers of facia into new muscle and tissue for my future survival. I am forever grateful for Michelle Licha-Oros and recommend anyone who is presented with a life scarring challenge to heal with her special touch. 


Abdominal Adhesions

Scar Tissue Therapy
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

"I am forever grateful that a good friend of mine who is also a Massage Therapist referred me to Michelle Licha-Oros.   Michelle is a highly skilled and compassionate Massage Therapist who has the knowledge and the “touch” to deal with abdominal adhesions which I suffered from for years.  Michelle began treating me about 8 weeks after my 5th major abdominal surgery, which I underwent for lysis of multiple adhesions (from prior surgeries) and removal of sections of both large and small intestines.  Michelle is at the same time gentle, careful as well as effective.  She worked closely with me during every session, seeking my input about areas of concern and feedback about her treatment. Michelle is that rare clinician who combines a strong kinesthetic and intuitive sense of touch with a caring manner and her extensive knowledge and training in anatomy and therapeutic massage techniques.

Free Report for Scar Tissue
Breast cancer guide for self care

Double Mastectomy
Scar Tissue Therapy
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

"After the first session I could “breathe”...Second session, I’ve kayaked for the first time in almost 20 years and I paddled 3 miles the second day. "

Mohs Surgery
Scar Tissue Therapy
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

"She was able to relieve me from months of nerve pain following a cancer surgery in only two sessions.

Additionally, she took the time to instruct me in doing follow-up therapy should it be necessary."

Breast and 

Scar Tissue Therapy

"I wish I had known post surgery that scar tissue would come back to haunt me- orthopedic shoulder neck problems.

I live with it every day

If I had know to treat the scar at 28 might be I have avoided some of the mobility issues.

I din’t know that my armpit would come back to haunt me"

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