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 I help people recover faster from injuries and surgeries by reducing the risk of scar and adhesion formation, swelling and pain so they can get back to work and the things they love to do in life. 
 -Michelle Licha-Oros
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I graduated with honors from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2006. Over the years, I've developed a fascination with the effects of scar tissue and its lingering traces on the whole body. I'm a bodyworker with a strong intuitive sense, a "detective" style, guided by my desire to help people feel better.

I've learned that the root of the problem is rarely the one spot where we feel pain. A scar is influenced by tension in the body. Where the pain is felt may be the consequences of a problem coming from a distant place in the body. This is why I take a whole body approach integrating a variety of hands-on styles of bodywork for lasting relief. 


Double Mastectomy

Scar Tissue Therapy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

"After the first session I could “breathe”...Second session, I’ve kayaked for the first time in almost 20 years and I paddled 3 miles the second day. "


Mohs Surgery

Scar Tissue Therapy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

"She was able to relieve me from months of nerve pain following a cancer surgery in only two sessions.

Additionally, she took the time to instruct me in doing follow-up therapy should it be necessary."


Stab Wound

Scar Tissue Therapy

"After years of seeking help for hip and low back pain issues, it was resolved with Michelle's method of scar tissue."

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