Breast Cancer Mastectomy Massage Therapy

Is Breast Cancer Mastectomy Massage Therapy Right for You?

Breast Cancer Mastectomy Massage Therapy is aimed at helping women make significant gains in recovery after breast cancer treatment. 

Cancer treatment can be overwhelming, invasive, and brutal. It may leave you uneasy about your body image and whether you'll ever return to the life and activities you love. But skilled, attentive touch can help piece your body together again and restore hope in the healing process. The earlier you get help, the more your long-term physical and emotional recovery will benefit. Your body may have a "new normal," but you don't have to suffer.

A properly designed program of massage therapy, exercise therapy, and lymphedema management can reduce long-term side effects that lead to unnecessary pain and suffering. The appearance and sensations you may have developed around the scars, the tightness in your skin and muscles, the strength you have lost, the changes in your posture and breathing, and your diminished sense of overall well-being -- all these things CAN CHANGE!

Oncology-trained massage therapists, such as myself, use hands-on therapy skills, including MLD, to safely and effectively treat scar tissue, skin tightness, tissue stiffness, shoulder mobility, range of motion, swelling, and post cancer treatment pain.

Breast cancer mastectomy massage therapy sessions are designed to help decrease scar tissue from mastectomy, lumpectomy, and biopsy scars and radiation treatments. This kind of work helps improve tissue pliability associated with radiation fibrosis. Sessions also help relieve shoulder pain, tightness across the chest, back and neck. Other benefits include decreasing numbness, axillary web syndrome, swelling and mild lymphedema.

The techniques Michelle Licha-Oros Medical Massage & Lymphatic Drainage Therapy use involve gentle myofascial release, oncology massage and manual lymphatic drainage.

This type of massage can help long term negative effects of scar tissue from lumpectomy, mastectomy, axillary dissection or sentinel lymph node biopsy, surgical drains and ports, breast reconstruction, flaps and donor sites radiation fibrosis.
For more information, feel free to read my free downloadable guide on reducing pain after breast cancer treatment.